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Some of the more common questions and queries we get asked are listed here.


If you still need answers - no problem! Simply give us a call!

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How long does a typical bathroom project take?

On average a complete bathroom refurbishment (including tiling) will take between 7 and 15 days, depending on size and complexity.


Do you offer a fitting only service?

Yes. We realize that many of our customer prefer to source their own fittings.


Do you have charge for call out?

No. We charge a fixed hourly rate plus cost of materials for smaller jobs. After initial investigation, we will give an estimate of the time the job will take and the total cost. For larger jobs lasting more than a few hours we aim to provide a fixed price for the job.


How is rubbish disposed of?

The removal of any ‘trade waste’ from site must be carried out by someone licensed to carry  waste. As such, our preferred approach is to provide a skip for the duration of the project which allows all rubbish to be cleared away as we go, allowing the site to remain as tidy as possible. We are happy for customers to arrange their own disposal of waste if they prefer.


What are your payment terms?

For projects where we supply bathroom fittings and other high value items, we will ask for payment of these items upon delivery. For the remaining balance, as most of our projects are relatively short (ie less than 2 weeks) we are happy to defer the remaining  payment to the completion of the project.


What happens if my property is damaged in some way?

Anybody working on a customer’s premises should have Public Liability insurance to cover for any damage caused to the property or injury to the customer as a result of their work. Our policy covers us for up to £2million of damages in the event of us being liable for any damage or injury.


What happens if we have a disagreement over the quality or scope of work completed?

There are a number of things we do to greatly reduce the risk of any misunderstanding:


  • a detailed scope of works is include within the quotation
  • any unforeseen additional work required will be discussed and agreed before commencing
  • where practical, finer details of the installation will be discussed and agreed beforehand (ie exact positioning of items)



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